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How to Handle a Child (aka "my childhood" series)

Sample illustrations from my mock 'how-to' book on parenthood called "How to Handle a Child". While all the episodes in the book are true stories and conversations with my three kids, each episode is illustrated with a relevant scene from my own childhood. The illustrations balance between the child’s perception (magical, unreal, enchanted, yet taken for granted as solid fact of life) and brutal truth (the reality of my childhood was more wild than anything I could invent). 
The illustrations address the core things that make childhood what is it – the freshness of perception, the agony of growing up, the mischief, and the absence of borderline between the real and the fanciful.

The book was published in Russian by Azbooka in 2016, and by Baroque Books in Romanian in 2018.

Read an interview about the series here.

Book available in Russian and in Romanian.