The Land of Stone Flowers (aka "The Nenuphar Book")

The Land of Stone Flowers is difficult to pin down in genre. It has been called a state-of-the art graphic novel, an artist book, and a perfect coffee-table entertainment. It's a topsy-turvy book about humans and the human world as seen through the eyes of fairy creatures – a collection of illustrated stories in which gnomes, pixies, and other fairy folk share tall tales of the strange and unbelievable human world and its inhabitants. Brimming with keen observations and wild assumptions on human anatomy, customs, languages, rituals, dwellings, and more, the book is as absurd as it is astounding, examining contradictory and nonsensical human behaviors through the lens of the fantastic: from the bewitching paper wizards who live in humans' wallets to their invisible hats, known as "moods," which cloud their view of the world. Bursting with intricate and evocative illustrations, The Land of Stone Flowers creates a world of fantasy and fable that slyly reveals many hidden truths about human existence.

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The book is available in English, Russian, Japanese, Romanian and three more languages are on the way!